The Challenge of Faithfulness

I recently watched the film Hidalgo, featuring Viggo Mortensen in the role of Frank Hopkins. What is mind-blowing about Hopkins is that he claimed to have won 400 distance races over his lifetime (maybe true, maybe not). Assuming it is true, that figure is staggering simply because of its immensity. However, in a culture of shift and change, it’s also staggering that he simply did one thing for such an extended period of time.

Referring to Western culture as a culture of shift and change certainly doesn’t shock those of us living in it. Considering that the twentieth century began without computers, and within seventy years a man had walked on the moon, change and development is a part of life. Things have only continued to speed up. New devices and technologies are constantly rolled out and marketing plans now include scheduled updates to keep new things on the market at all times.

New is generally fun and flashy and certainly has a place in our lives. However, Christ calls us to a consistency that often goes against the grain. It runs counter to both our culture and the desire for change that we unknowingly foster in our own hearts. While the new pitches itself as exciting, Christ calls us to a steadfast relationship with him as the ultimate adventure. It is little wonder that we see an incredible decline in faithful relationships in a time when the “thing” to pursue is the new. Yet Christ calls us to that very thing that we often ignore for the sake of the new – faithfulness.

While many of us admire the qualities of faithfulness (and will even applaud them outwardly), our hearts shrink from what we deem “boring”. Yet to follow Christ and to be in relationship with him are perhaps the most exciting and challenging parts of life. The challenge is having that reality sink from our heads to our hearts.

We cannot afford to live spiritually flighty lives, flitting from one new sensation to another. We must remember the gospel, the story of a God who loved a people so long and with such constancy that he sent his Son who lived an entire life of perfect, ongoing obedience. It is in light of that faithfulness that through his death we might have life, both now and forever. There’s a lot of consistency in that story, a lot that isn’t new. In the midst of constant change and newness, we do well to remember that this age-old story is the most exciting of all.


A brief note to my readers:

Dear friends,

I must apologize for the recent lack of posts. I am undergoing significant transition in life right now and that, along with limited internet, created a perfect storm of fewer posts than I would have liked. The good news is that I feel like I’m back into the swing of things, and you can expect to be seeing posts regularly once again. Thanks for hanging in there with me. Keep contributing in the comments as we are all confronted by Christ together.

Grace and peace,



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