A Walk Down Memory Lane

There’s an equation that I’d like to put forward to you as having great relevance to what you’re about to read. Here it is:

Summer + Moving + Seeing friends for last times in long times + It’s Monday and I usually post on Sunday = No new content

Before you drop to the floor weeping (which I expect all of you to be planning to do), let me assure you this post doesn’t end here. While there is no new content, there is some old content (about 13 years old).

The following comes from the days when my “sermons” (yes, I wrote sermons as a kid) were as long as my blog posts, for better or worse. So here’s a glimpse into my mind circa June 9th, 1997 (original punctuation and uncorrected misspellings preserved).

Elijah on Mount Carmel (1 Kings 18:16-46)

Isn’t it wonderful that God can do so many things for us! In the story of “Elijah on Mount Carmel” God showed the false prophets and wicked king Ahab that he was the one and only God. God also showed them a bit of what he could do. Here is a brief list of things that God does and can do:

1. He can perform marvellous miracles!
2. God is never asleep!
3. If you pray to him he will answer your prayer.

Elijah believed in God with all his mind, all his heart and all his strength. Now I would like you to put yourself into Elijah’s place. Tomorrow is when you find out who is the real God. Think…Now Elijah said in 18:22 “I’m the only one of the Lord’s prophets left.” Now isn’t that interesting that he said “I’m the only one of the LORD’s prophets left”. I’m sure there were other prophets in the world in that time. But Elijah said “Lord’s”. Now I’ve been thinking about that and what I reckon it means is this: There were other prophets back then but they didn’t speak about the Lord. Now I will give you a little bit of time to just pray to God and thank him for who you are but if you know that you’ve done something wrong it would be better to confess your sins! Are you the Lord’s person like Elijah? If not I would like you to think about becoming a christian this week.

There you have it. A nine-year-old’s sermon on Elijah (how often do you get to read one of those?!). I promise to have some new stuff up next week but until then, enjoy the summer, enjoy some walks down memory lane but most importantly, ask yourself if you’re the Lord’s person.

PS: If you ever have something that you’d like to see covered here or discussed feel free to shoot me an email or comment.


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