Book Recommendation: Gilead

Ever read a book that grabs you, pulling you slowly but inevitably into a familiarly different world? Marilynne Robinson’s Gilead does this to perfection.


While Robinson’s writing certainly differs from what I normally read, upon Melissa’s (for her blog click here) recommendation I picked it up for the first book of my summer reading. And I was extremely grateful I did.

Without spoiling the work, suffice it to say that Gilead offers spiritual insight, wisdom and encouragement. Robinson manages to blend all of these into a deeply moving look at the life of an aging man. But beware, you will not leave the world of Gilead when you finish reading because it permeates our own – this is a book that will not put you down. I continue to mull over what it raised such as what love looks like and these thoughtsGilead is well worth your time.


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