My Bookmarks – Some Final Thoughts

7. WordPress: I have finally come to what ultimately sparked this whole discussion of internet usage in the first place – the concept of blogging itself. Two key questions surface when considering blogging: what is a blog? And why blog?

What is a blog? I view blogging a lot like Twitter – it becomes what one makes it. My blog attempts to express how following Christ interacts with all aspects of my life, if not explicitly then at least implicitly.  This includes my intellectual life, my spiritual life, my creative life, and ethical or practical implications. For me, then, a blog exists as a place to work through thoughts as well as to share them with others. For example, the thoughts that I shared as to why I’m a pacifist evoked comments that in turn helped me work through that line of thinking in a richer manner.

Why blog then? My fear, as has been a theme whenever I consider internet usage, is that it would descend into narcissistic rambling. My blog tempts me to think that I write so that people will hear me and will receive some sort of blessing from my writing (thanks to my incredible rhetorical abilities of course). However, such a view of blogging inherently centers on me. Rather, I want to consider the purpose of my blog from the angle of my audience.

While I do not know everyone who reads this blog (though it would be easy I’m sure to meet the two readers I have) I imagine that I can break the demographic into two categories – Christians and non-Christians. For the latter, I see this blog as an opportunity to see an individual wrestling with some of the difficult implications of life while trying to remain true to Christ’s message. I hope also that this blog will always demonstrate a desire to, as Paul says, see Christ proclaimed (Philippians 1:18). For the Christian, I see blogging as the sharing of ideas and therefore as potentially an important way of building up the body of Christ. I have found myself affected and encouraged by other Christian’s blogs in ways that they would never have been able to do in real life. The answer to why blog is twofold then: 1. To proclaim Christ and 2. To encourage my brothers and sisters.

If I fail to live up to this, something’s missing and indeed, constant reflection remains necessary. But hopefully I will continue to blog and continue to proclaim and encourage. How do you view your blog? Why do you blog?


One thought on “My Bookmarks – Some Final Thoughts

  1. Matt – I’m so glad that you’re grappling with these issues. Social networking (Facebook, Twitter, etc) does indeed lack that “in the flesh” element that makes for the richest relationships. And some would suggest that it creates only the illusion of connectivity. I beg to differ. Your tweets, blogs, and posts welcome me into your thought world in a way that watching a ball-game together probably would not. Yes, social media can be horribly superficial (“I’m eating spaghetti right now!”) but it can also open windows to the soul — windows that stir, inspire, motivate, and connect other people. And, like all ministry tools, the effectiveness, value, or worth of a blog or tweet is not not yours to decide. The Father lobs these things where He can best use them, and we trust that a timely word of hope or encouragement can touch someone we may never know, because when we seek to honor Him it becomes His once we hit “Send.” Keep sending! (And sorry for a blog-of-a-reply. )

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