Time for a Change: A Different Summa

It has been awhile. In fact, it has been so long that I’m sure that that “it has been awhile” is not necessary due to the fact that this corner of cyberspace has probably been forgotten due to its author’s neglect. You may notice some things that are different; different URL, different title, new ways to navigate posts. That is because change caught the same winds that blew the author, myself, back to this blog. Not that I ever left it, mind you, and neither have I stopped having ideas that are ready to be written up (indeed, I can probably think of at least 6-7 that are ready to go). I have simply been busy, and that is all.

But you may ask, and perhaps appropriately so: why the change? Why go from something so comfortable to something that I, the reader, am not so sure about? Well, first of all, if you are thinking this, let me thank you loyal reader for remaining with me throughout what has come to be a six month hiatus. If you are not thinking this, let me thank you new reader for taking time to read more than just a paragraph. I hope you find here some thought-provoking thoughts (see below and above for said thought-provoking thoughts). The change is for a couple of reasons: I have read more blogs and thought more about web media and so concluded to approach from a different angle. Here are some of the changes you will notice:
1. Tone: The tone of this blog prior to this point has been relatively formal. I no longer guarantee such formality; indeed, I hope you come to expect a more conversational feel though be aware that I may and probably will often throw the formal swing-ball at you.
2. Format: I just liked this one.
3. Sidebar: You will notice an added way to peruse, via the labels or tags each post has. If you are new to the site this may be beneficial to get a feel for what I write about.
4. Content: Speaking of what I write about, I intend to broaden the content of this blog somewhat. That certainly does not mean that the theological ideas and mini-expositions will be lacking. This will always be the meat of my thought. However, I hope to add some other areas such as politics, social commentary, and even the occasional creative work. Of course, none of this is guaranteed, the only guarantee is that it will always come from a Christ-oriented worldview.
5. Readership: Probable decline. My guess is that you (by this I address the broad you that spends hours a day perusing the internet) are not even reading this post and thereby proving my point. I thank you (again that broad web-browsing you is intended) for that (proving my point that is, not not reading my blog; of course, you are under no obligation to do either).
6. Title: This is perhaps the biggest change and deserves the largest explanation. There are a couple of very basic reasons for the change and a couple of more complex reasons. The simple reasons are that “My Reflections for His Highest” is a lengthy URL and relatively hard to remember. I’m hoping “A Different Summa” makes it a little easier, and perhaps more unique. Another of the simple reasons is that when it came to changing title, “Summa” is simply a sweet word. However there are more complex reasons. The title Summa hopefully brings to mind the work of Thomas Aquinas. Interestingly, this blog is hardly like that great work, Summa Theologica, in any way. Perhaps it is similar in only this: it views life in light of a Creator God and our Mediator, Jesus Christ. However the idea of this being a “sum of” or “collection” or even “extensive treatise” seems appropriate; this blog is a sum of or collection of descriptions of the way I view the world in light of Christ. While perhaps not yet extensive, it certainly is an ongoing treatise concerning that very topic. Finally, I have moved away from the idea of this being “My Reflections” because I find that idea to be somewhat duplicitous. You, dear reader, are not simply becoming privy to my deepest thoughts, to a journal of sorts. You are reading posts specifically tailored for an audience. Thus while they are my reflections, they are those I specifically want to share with you, my audience.
All this is to say, the blog is entering a new season; the times they are a-changing and I am excited about both posting and interacting with any readership this blog ever happens to attract.
Grace and peace,

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