My Reflections for His Highest (Who Am I?)

Who am I?
I am a college student. Though not yet educated.
I am an intellectual. Though not yet wise.
I am a follower of Christ. Though not yet completed.
I want a place to express my thoughts but even more so, a place to depict my heart.
I want this blog, this site, to be the overflow of my mind, in conjunction with my heart.
I want this blog to be, in short, my reflections but my reflections with a focus on THE Highest, God Almighty. I believe He glories in the faculties He gave us and as one of them is thought, I wish this to be one way of glorifying Him through thought.
Whether this blog is ever read or not is truly irrelevant to me. What is relevant is my quest for truth which is ultimately found in Him.
Thus my quest in this blog is ultimately a journey towards Christ.
That is my hope and prayer for this blog.


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